Bookworm textual experimentation




1. informal

a person devoted to reading.

2. the larva of a wood-boring beetle that feeds on the paper and glue in books

3. an exploration of how text analytics can be applied to fiction

Know Your Markets - Part 1

Ever wondered if you could use a computer to analyze a metric shit-ton of short stories at once and come away with something meaningful? I did. Here's what happened.

The Bookworm Blog

I’ve been kicking around a project for the past couple of years that looks to explore building a better reading recommendation engine using text analytics. I’ve had several conversations with people from both the technology industry and the publishing industry, and I now find myself giving the same information out repeatedly. So, I’m putting this site up as a way of ensuring I’m giving out consistent information, and as a way to reduce the amount of conversation time spent in backstory.

Browse the pages (menu on the left) for more details. As work develops, I’ll add new posts, but I don’t expect the blog portion to be particularly active.

My first goal is to create a central repository of contemporary short fiction freely available on the web from major markets. Basically a micro Google that only indexes free short stories, a starting point for anyone interested in studying contemporary short fiction.