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A Few New Things

I’ve added a few new interesting things to the site.

First, I’ve created a Statistics page that reflects stats of all the stories I’ve indexed in real time. The charts aren’t quite as pretty as the ones I made with Tableau in my initial posts, but they’re functional and update automatically as I continue researching and indexing.

I’ve also put up an Analyzer page that’ll analyze a piece of text using the same algorithms I used and return results. Not terribly useful right now, because it’s the same as all the other Readability tools out there. However, I plan to marry this up with the statistics to let me compare a piece of text to those of a specific magazine. This, to me, is much more meaningful as the published stories provide the context which gives meaning to the results.

Story Search is probably the most useful piece so far. Interested in how many published stories in the magazines analyzed are about zombies? Oh, and not only does it search, but for each story in the result set I provide 5 similar stories (and no, they’re not always stories in the original search results). Pretty interesting way to research contemporary fiction, eh?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this “Similar Stories” feature, and how we (writers, editors, publishers) could use it for cross-selling and hands-free marketing. My thoughts aren’t quite solid enough to share, but in the next couple of months I’ll plan to post more on the idea.

In the meantime, have fun!

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