Bookworm textual experimentation




1. informal

a person devoted to reading.

2. the larva of a wood-boring beetle that feeds on the paper and glue in books

3. an exploration of how text analytics can be applied to fiction

Updated Tools

I’ve spent the past month making updates to the experimental tools and cleaning up the site in general. I’ve decluttered the menu by consolidating the informational pages. I’ve also added a change log page to start tracking changes I’ve rolled out over time. See the Change Log for details.

A Few New Things

I've added a few new things to the site, including a search engine that'll let you search through all the stories I've analyzed.

Know Your Markets - Part 3

So what does all of this analysis really mean? What's missing? Are there any wrong assumptions? And what comes next for this experiment?

Know Your Markets - Part 2

This post provides a breakdown of the sampled SF/F/H stories by magazine to see if any discernable differences appear. Knowing differences between the magazines could help a writer hone in on where they're most likely to sell a particular story.

Know Your Markets - Part 1

Ever wondered if you could use a computer to analyze a metric shit-ton of short stories at once and come away with something meaningful? I did. Here's what happened.